Optical components

For industrial image processing/Machine Vision, various different lenses are required. For an optimal solution for a Machine Vision application, not only a light and a camera are necessary, but also the right lens which meets the requirements for area of interest, operating distance, resolution, distortion and light intensity.
Making the right decision can be difficult, due to the variety of producers and product lines. Therefore we are happy to support and advise you to search for the optimal lens. Our Machine Vision experience, combined with a long-time cooperation with various producers, guarantees a perfect lens solution for your application. We dispose of a wide and well sorted portfolio of telecentric lenses and lights from Opto Engineering as well as entocentric lenses, e.g. from Computar and Spacecom.
Filters and mounting equipment complement our product portfolio. 

For further information about our products, please contact us either by email at info(.a-t.)iimag.de or by telephone under (+49) 3681 / 45519-0.