Coordinate measurement

Turn old into new - Modernize your coordinate measurement device with iiM!

Coordinate measurement devices are basically for quality assurance. But software and hardware become obsolent very fast and a new acquisition of devices is always combined with an extensive financial input.

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Quick and easy modernization

You find a remedy with our software FlexiMess. With FlexiMess your coordinate measurement device can be modernized quickly and easily. Hereby the software offers you adjusted measurements and analysis and also possibilities of data saving and connections to CAQ-systems.

Efficient and cost saving

With FlexiMess your coordinate measurements will be as precised, quick and efficient like modern devices. Hereby the modernization costs, dependent on device type, are normally only 10 – 15 percent of a new coordinate measurement device. The coordinate measurement software is autonomous from device producers and can be adopted to different coordinate measurement devices.

The advantages from FlexiMess:

Complex geometrical calculations and analysis
FlexiMess increases the application possibilities from old devices, while it allows complex geometrical calculations and analysis.

Windows user-interface
The Windows user-interface provides a normal working environment for the user.

Choice is possible
The possibility, to choose measured and calculated elements from a graphic account makes working more comfortable.

Easy operation
You do not have to note or remember the element addresses for a later recall.

High reliability
FlexiMess is widely spread in the industry. It offers you a great level of security during usage.

Modernize your coordinate measuring device now. We would be glad to advise you.