LUMIMAX® Accessories for our Machine Vision Lights

An extensive range of optical, electrical and mechanical accessories for LUMIMAX® LED Lights simplify both adaptation to customer-specific requirements and the connection to the machine environment. The innovative solutions allow for compact, fast and easy integration of LUMIMAX® LED Lights. This saves additional design and mounting work, which means that significant cost savings can be achieved.

All LUMIMAX® accessoires


  • Connecting cable
  • T1-Adapter cable
  • Extension cable
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All LUMIMAX® LED Lights can be put into operation quickly and easily using drag chain and robot-compatible cables with standard connections.

The T-adapter cable offers a plug and play solution. The light can be connected directly to the camera system and controlled by it.

Optical accessories

Optical accessories
  • Lens Kits / Lens Arrays
  • Fresnel lenses
  • Diffusers
  • Optical filters
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The LUMIMAX® optical accessories allow flexible adjustment of the light direction to the most diverse requirements.

Diffusers, fresnel lenses and LED optics enable individual adjustment of the lighting to the working distance and object field. Lighting-specific LED optics are available in set as Lens Kits or for an easy lens exchange collected in Lens Arrays.

Optical filters are used to increase image contrasts in order to suppress extraneous light and minimise disruptive reflections or mirroring.


  • External illumination controller PLC2 for continuous and switching operation
  • External illumination controller FLC1 and FLC2 for flash operation
  • VC Box for manual light control
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LUMIMAX® LED Lights feature an integrated controller, including power electronics. The following lightings require an external LUMIMAX® controller:

  • Dark Field Lights DFL50/ DFL50FL
  • Dome Lights of the DOM CD-series
  • Mini-Bar Lights of the LSB-series in the flash operation
  • Mini-Ring Light LSR24 in the flash operation
  • Ring Lights CRC CD50/ CRC CD50FL, CRC100/CRC100FL and CRC150/ CRC150FL

Mounting accessories

Mounting accessories
  • Mounting Systems for the direct mounting of the LED light to the camera
  • Verification Adapter for standard-compliant reading and verification of codes
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The LUMIMAX® Mounting Systems allow the direct mounting of the LED light to the camera series Keyence SR1000 and SR2000, Cognex InSight and DataMan, SIMATIC MV440 as well as Baumer Verisens XC. The mounting variations can be individually adapted and expanded flexibly, so that exact matching of the lighting angle and working distance is guaranteed.
Lighting, optics and camera form a single, compact unit.

Especially for standard-compliant reading and verification of codes we also offer verification adapter for Dome andCoaxial Lights and Bar Lights in a four-sided mounting bracket.