LED Flash Lighting from LUMIMAX® - For Machine Vision & industrial image processing

Flash lights are 25 times brighter than the permanent and switched versions. Due to the high performance, they are predestined for use:

  • in moving processes in the areas of food & beverage, logistics and packaging
  • on Machine Vision systems mounted on axes or robots
  • in which an enclosure against disturbing extraneous and daylight is not possible
  • in the case of switched and permanent lighting, if worker and machine operators being dazzled


Thanks to the integrated flash controller technology, the maximum performance is available loss-free at the light field within a few microseconds. Over low-high slopes of the TTL and PLC trigger inputs flash pulses are triggered. Using the T1 adapter cable, the lightings can be connected quickly and easyly to different cameras. Trigger signals and operating voltage are obtained from the camera. The effort of commissioning is significantly reduced.


The danger to the human eye is also significantly lower due to the short exposure times compared to permanent lighting. This leads to classification into lower hazard classes.

All flash lightings and information about the topic you can find here:

Advantages of flash lighting:

  • Extremely high performance - irradiance levels up to 20,000 W/m2
  • Inspection of moving processes - due to image acquisition times in μs range
  • Suppression of extraneous light - crossfade of extraneous light and sunlight
  • Integrated flash controller technology - easy commissioning and safe, loss-free operation