Material testing / Layer thickness measurement - non-destructive

In cooperation with MabriVision VisioCablePro® will briefly offer the possibility of a new technology for non-destructive material testing & layer thickness measurement. So far, the testing process was very time-consuming and could only be carried out by sampling.

Innovative solution approach for INLINE measurement of semi-transparent cables

  • Fiber-optic sensors
  • Interferometric analysis of backscattered light
  • Fast point, line or area measurements up to 75 kHz
  • Axial measurement range: up to 10 mm, lateral up to 40 mm
  • Detection of structures and layers of semi-transparent materials
  • Direct evaluation via software interface



Complete laboratory test bench for 360° measurement
INLINE Measurement (Rotating sensor, multiple sensors for 360°measurement)

Your benefits:

  • Nondestructive and contactless measurement
  • Individual sensor solutions for your measurement application
  • Imaging, analysis & data handling: all from just one source
  • Robust design combined with industrial hardware and software interfaces
  • Automated test benches for your standardized quality assurance