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today we are starting the new year with a new part of our "Did you know?"-series on the topic "Fluorescence applications".
The great challenge in fluorescence applications in Machine Vision is that the emitted light (fluorescence) has less energy than the radiation required for stimulation. The contrast is too low for reliable assessment.
A UV application can be optimised and reliably implemented by precisely coordinating lighting and lens filters. These allow the exact separation of stimulation and emission wavelengths. Interfering UV reflections and extraneous light influences are suppressed. As a result, fluorescent features appear brightly illuminated in the test image.

Our solution

  • Without filter combination: image aquisition without lens filter, witout lighting filter
  • Filter combination 1: image aquisition with lens filter, without lighting filter
  • Filter combination 2: image aquisition with lens filter and lighting filter
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LUMIMAX® UV lighting and suitable filter combinations

In addition to different UV LED lighting, our product range also includes perfectly matched filters, which help you to achieve high-contrast and optimally evaluable test images.
In our next newsletter issue, we will inform you more detailed about our various UV illuminations. But you are also welcome to get detailed information in advance:

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