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Do extraneous light or rapidly moving processes affect the evaluation of your Machine Vision system?
Thanks to the LUMIMAX®-Flash technology, precise and light-intensive flashes (pulses) suppress these negative effects. The new, compact flash controller FLC1 enables the flash operation with the miniature lights from the LSB and LSR series.

New Miniature Flash Controller FLC1

compact illumination flash controller |
precise and stable |
M8 connectors |
TTL and SPS inputs |
IP67 aluminium casing |
flash times: 100 μs | max. 100 Hz; 220 μs |  max. 35 Hz |
for Mini Lights (e. g. LSB and LSR series)
1compact illumination flash controller
2precise and stable
4TTL- and SPS-inputs
5IP67 aluminium casing
6flash times:
100 μs | max. 100 Hz
220 μs | max. 35 Hz
7 for Mini Lights (e. g. LSB and LSR series)

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