High Power LEDs in LUMIMAX® LED Lighting


LUMIMAX® LED Lights are available in wavelengths ranging from UV365 to IR850. The integration of high-performance LEDs from well-known manufacturers in combination with a wide range of optical accessories enable irradiation intensities in new performance classes.

The brightness values ​​and wavelength ranges of LEDs vary depending on production, which is why they are categorized by the manufacturer according to bins. In order to achieve the most stable lighting conditions possible with our LUMIMAX® lighting solutions, we attach much importance to tight tolerances and uniform bins when selecting the LEDs. If you want to implement a project with increased requirements for the brightness values ​​or wavelength ranges, please contact our Service & Support Team.

The decrease in brightness (degradation) is significantly influenced by the temperature at the LED and thus by the mounting conditions in the machine, the ambient temperature, and the operating mode of the lighting. Switching or flashing can significantly reduce, for example, the decrease in brightness of the LEDs and thus of the light. Further information concerning this topic you could find here.