Expert tools for measuring tubes

Our business unit „Cable & Tube Measurement Engineering“ under the brand VisioTubePro develops and produces measuring devices for the plastic industry as well as for the wire and cable industry. In particular, measuring devices for determining geometries of tube shells and jackets. The product portfolio is supplemented by innovative solutions for tube sample preparation as well as performing various material tests according to standards.
Using the obtained test results and the corresponding information on material consumption, extruders can be set efficiently; thus, the predetermined tolerance limits are safely respected
Hence, measuring devices from the VisioTubePro series optimize the production process, increase the product quality, and minimize incurred costs substantially.

Measurement devices & software

Measuring tube samples with an outer diameter up to 5.11"

Measuring tube samples with an outer diameter up to 3.74"

Highly complex standard-compliant image processing – simply with one click

Sample cutting devices

Device for sample preparation of hard materials up to 3.15"

Device for sample preparation up to 2.56"

Further devices for sample preparation

Sample preparation for heat elongation and tensile tests

Sample preparation of hard materials for heat elongation and tensile tests

For punching dumb-bell test specimen for further tests e.g. Hot Set Test

Laboratory equipment for material tests

Hot Set Test & Heat Pressure Test

Device for an impact test at low temperature

Device for Cold Bend Test at low temperature