LED Bar Lights from LUMIMAX® -
For Machine Vision applications

The design of LUMIMAX® LED Bar Lights generates the optimal illumination for elongated test objects. With High Power LEDs in conjunction with interchangeable ancillary lenses, these universal LED Bar Lights are suitable for example for dark field or bright field applications. Calculate the optimal illumination area for your application easily and simply with the help of our practical tool.

The Bar Lights in the LB series impress with their enormous irradiation intensities even at large working distances.

Miniature Bar Lights of the compact LSB series are designed for applications that demand perfect illumination in restricted installation environments. Another special feature is the innovative mounting solution, which allows one to four LED Bar Lights in the LSB series to be incorporated in the square. This four-sided mounting bracket is also a very flexible solution for shape-from-shading applications. See in our  Video - Principle of shape-from-shading applications  Video the detailed principle of the shape-from-shading applications.

Miniature Bar Lights

Miniature Bar Lights
  • Lengths from 50 mm up to 200 mm
  • Repeatable mounting of up to 4 lights for standardized code reading, dark field applications or Shape from Shading
  • Flexible adjustment through versatile accessories
  • Flash mode with external controller FLC1-xxx (see accessories)
Principle – Mini Line & Bar Lights
  • Reflected light (partial bright field)
  • Mini line & bar lights are used to direct light onto the test object at a slight angle
  • Compact bar lightings especially for small test objects and integration under limited assembly conditions
  • The mounting systems MS1-LSBxxx and MS4-LSBxxx allow for a gradual, reproducible adaption of the inclination angle of 1 to 4 bar lightings
  • The mounting system included marks for 30° and 45° inclination angle of the lightings for standard-conforming verification
  • Area of application: standard-conforming inspection and verification of 2D-codes, Shape from Shading, type and position detection, printed material inspection

High Power Bar Lights

High Power Bar Lights
  • Lengths from 125 mm up to 500 mm
  • Light output up to 350,000 lux
  • Flourescence applications in UV365 nm and UV395 nm
  • Flexible adjustment through versatile accessories
Principle – Line & Bar Lights
  • Reflected light (partial bright field)
  • Line & Bar Lights are used to direct light onto the test object at a slight angle
  • Interchangeable ancillary lenses for the optimal adjustment of the beam characteristics
  • Illumination of large test objects (e.g. cardboard boxes)
  • Area of application: type and position detection, printed material inspection, OCR/OVC, surface inspectio

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