Coaxial Lights by LUMIMAX® -
For Machine Vision applications

With LUMIMAX® LED Coaxial Lights, a highly diffused light field is shown on the object field through a semi-transparent mirror vertical in the optical axis of the camera. The homogeneous and shadow-free lighting is used for surface inspections, completeness checks and printed image inspections. The Coaxial Lights also meet the requirements for standard-compliant reading and verification of two-dimensional codes.

See in our  Video - Principle Coaxial Lights  Video the detailed principle of the Coaxial Lights.

The optical design of Coaxial Lights necessarily reduces the amount of light emitted. By using the latest generation of High Power LEDs, the new LES series can compensate for this effect and illuminate test objects with high light intensity.

High Power Coaxial Lights

High Power Coaxial Lights
  • Light areas from 40 x 40 mm to 160 x 160 mm
  • Light output up to 500,000 lux
  • Integrated controller technology
  • Standard-compliant code reading and verification
Principle – Coaxial Lights of the LES series
  • Reflected light (bright field lighting)
  • A highly-diffuse, homogeneous, light source is mounted over a semi-transparent reflector directly in the beam path of the lens
  • The light beam hits flat surfaces vertically and is reflected directly back into the camera
  • Surface irregularities deflect the light, however, and therefore appear dark
  • Area of application: standard-conforming scanning and verification of 2D-codes, Surface finish inspection (even of strongly reflective and mirrorlike surfaces)

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