LED Dark Field Illumination by LUMIMAX® -
For Machine Vision applications

With their radial and flat incoming light, LUMIMAX® LED Dark Field Illuminations are the preferred option for inspecting surfaces. Their special light guide means that this LED Dark Field Illumination geometry can be used to show edges, cavities and other surface defects in high contrast. See in our  Video - Principle of Dark Field Lights  Video the detailed principle of the Dark Field Lights.

The Dark Field Lights in the DFL series are available in several sizes for continuous and flash mode.

Integrated controllers, powerful LEDs and standardised LUMIMAX® connections guarantee simple and stable integration of the LED Dark Field Illumination into the system environment.

Ring-shaped Dark Field Lights

Ring-shaped Dark Field Lights
  • Inner diameters from 50 mm to 150 mm
  • Homogeneity through compact LED arrangement
  • High-contrast illumination of surface defects, edges, cavities, structures
  • Partly integrated controllers (see accessories)
Principle – Dark Field Illumination
  • Reflected light (dark field lighting)
  • Radial and flat incoming light runs almost parallel to the test object level
  • If the beam of light falls on an irregularity, however, then its edges will deflect the light rays
  • Defects, contours or edges will appear as bright features on a dark background
  • Area of application: surface finish inspection, even for strongly reflective objects, inspection of dot-peened or laser-cut, codes, inspection of engraving, embossing, stamped numbers and raised structures, edge inspection

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