LED Dome Lights by LUMIMAX®

With their domed shape, LUMIMAX® LED dome lights generate a diffused light that falls on the test object from all directions, achieving completely shadow-free illumination. See in our  Video - Principle Dome Lights  Video the detailed principle of the Dome Lights.
Typical applications are the inspection of reflective or mirroring materials. With a LED dome light, even complex or curved surfaces can be illuminated homogeneously.
LED dome lights are extremely well suited for standard-compliant reading and verification of two-dimensional codes.
Overview of our LED Dome Lights

Dome Lights of the DOM CD series

Dome Lights of the DOM CD series
  • Dome Lights for a completely shadow-free illumination
  • Homogeneous illumination of reflective and mirror-like surfaces
  • Well suited for standard-compliant reading and verification of codes
  • External light controller necessary (see accessories)
Principle – Dome Lights
  • Reflected light (shadow-free lighting)
  • Light rays are directed at a dome-shaped reflector, which reflects these onto the test object from all directions
  • The test object is homogenously illuminated from all directions and free of shadows
  • Area of application: standard-conforming scanning and verification of 2D-codes, surface finish inspection (even on convex objects), inspection of diffuse but strongly reflecting and mirror-like surfaces, assembly, type and position detection, printed material inspection, OCR/OCV

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IR - Infrarot 850nm | 870nm
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