Operating modes of LUMIMAX® LED Lights


The optimum lighting for every requirement – LUMIMAX® LED Lights are available in continuous, switch or flashing operation.

Continuous and switch mode

Continuous and switch mode Digital TTL and PLC trigger inputs enable synchronised and precise switching of the lights at the time of image acquisition. Because of the low heat development, the short-duration switching considerably increases the service life of the lights


  • Simple electrical commissioning
  • Stable lighting conditions
  • High compatibility with Machine Vision cameras and sensors


Flash mode

For synchronized flash operation, LUMIMAX® LED Lights also feature fast and load-free digital TTL and PLC trigger inputs. The flash lights are up to 25 times brighter than the continuous variants. The maximum light output of the lights is available within 3 to 5 µs, guaranteeing extremely short flash times of 10 ... 750 µs with enormous brightness. Motion blur and extraneous light influences are eliminated.


  • Reduction of motion blur even with fast moving processes (up to 100 tests / second)
  • Suppression of extraneous light
  • Increase in service life
  • Reduction of possible risks to the human eye


Comparison of the different operating modes

Comparsion of switch and flash mode