Modular LUMIMAX® LED Bar Lights - For Machine Vision applications


With the powerful modular LUMIMAX® LED Bar Lights test areas can be uniformly illuminated even from distances of more than 1 meter. The Bar Lights with integrated controller technology are available in different configurations for incident and backlight applications.

The modular bar lights expand the portfolio and include now bar lights of up to 2 meters and more for even lager test areas. Thanks to the modular concept, specific sizes can be realized quickly and without additional development costs.

Modular lighting geometry

  • Up to 1 million lux light output
  • Lengths freely selectable in 100 mm increments
  • Flexible and space-saving adjustment thanks to compact design and integrated controller
  • Attachment optics for optimum focusing of the light
  • Robust aluminum housing (IP50)

Light performance of the LBHP series

The specified values ​​refer to a modular LBHP lighting with a 300 mm light area, 16° lenses and white light color (LBHP300(FL)-16-W).