LightGuide technology from LUMIMAX® LED Lighting


The LightGuide technology is used in the LUMIMAX® lights of the LG series. The light from High Power LEDs is fed into a structured light guide plate and outcoupled either diffused or collimated over the entire light field.

With this new technology, the lights achieve a homogeneity of up to 90%.

Highly-diffuse backlight

  • A diffuse area light is positioned behind the object
  • The contours of the test object are lit in order to inspect outlines as well as free inner contours
  • Area of application: level control, damage inspection in transparent or semitransparent object surfaces, type and position detection

Example | Transparent plastic with embossing –
Image aquistion with diffuse backlight

Collimated backlight

  • A directed, homogeneous area light source is positioned behind the object
  • The contours of the object are lit for a secure control of the object's outline as well as (open) inside contours
  • The light rays from the lighting are significantly directed (almost telecentric) and achieve a precise image of object edges without disturbing overlays/reflections
  • Area of application: dimensional accuracy checks, contour inspection, machined hole and thread inspection, inspection of transparent or semitransparent objects (foils, glass)

Example | Transparent plastic with embossing –
Image aquistion with collimated backlight

Variants with additional collimation accessories improve image contrast enormously. Thus, they are often recommended as a cheaper and space-saving alternative to expensive and long-constructed telecentric lighting. In addition, the collimation minimises the glare effect at manual workstations and in the direct machine environment. The LED Area lights can be used with and without a camera hole as incident and backlight.

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