Flat Cable Cutter FCC 75

Technical details:

Size (WxLxH) 225 x 235 x 450 mm
8.85 x 9.25 x 17.71 Inch
Weight 7.7 kg / 16.97 lbs    
Blade one-side grinded special blade by iiM    
Cable sample width: max. 75 mm (2.95“)
height: 1 - max. 8 mm (0.04 - 0.31“)
length: min. 30 mm (1.18“)

Device for sample preparation of flat cables up to max. 75 x 8 mm (2.95 x 0.31“) width x height

Save up to ⅔ measuring uncertainty with well prepared samples

ATTENTION: Electrical conductors must be removed before cutting!

Easy to use...
With the Flat Cable Cutter FCC 75 it is really easy and efficient to cut sample slices (cable sheath cutter) up to a width of max. 75 mm (2.95“) and a height of max. 8mm (0.31“). The samples are optimally prepared for measurements in off-line cable measuring devices.

Your Benefits
The Flat Cable Cutter FCC 75 prepares your cable samples optimally for qualitative measurements in offline cable measuring instruments. Especially the very small and many cores of the flat cable sample require a very thin cut to avoid shadows in the measurement area. With its compact dimensions and low weight it is optimally suitable for the application in the lab and in the production.

Device details:

  • Very robust device for quick and efficient cutting of flat cables
  • Exact adjustment of the sample thickness (depending on material)
  • Thin, evenly and parallel cut samples with a smooth surface (especially the very small and many cores require a very thin cut to avoid shadows)
  • Precise and repeatable measuring results due to reproducible samples

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