Art.-No.: 402.0007.52
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Technical details:
Size (W x L x H)1200 x 800 x 700 mm
47.24 x 31.5 x 27.55 Inch
Weight47 kg | 104 lbs
55 kg | 121 lbs incl. packaging
MaterialAluminium, stainless steel, PVC
Supply Voltage230 V
50 - 60 Hz
Operating voltage19 V DC
min. 3.3 A
Input Powermax. 200 Watts
Appropriate individual diameter0.05 - 0.3 mm
0.002 - 0.011 Inch
Max. thread cross section20 mm²
Minimum bend radius> 10 mm / > 0.39 Inch
Appropriate materialsMetal wire; plastic; natural, glass and carbon fibres

Gentle and automatic unwinding of braiding spools

The perfect machine to quickly and automatically return the winding material remaining on the spools to the recycling process. The spools do not suffer any damage and can therefore be used over a long period of time.

Device details

  • Enables up to 24 braiding spools to be unwound at the same time
  • Appropriate spools:
    • Diameter of mandrel 23 mm (standard version)
    • Spool outer diameter up to 100 mm
    • Other spools with different inner and outer diameters possible
  • Suitable for different winding materials, e.g. metal wire, plastic, natural, glass and carbon fibres