Overview cable measurement devices VisioCablePro®- Serie

With the help of the obtained results, which give you precise information about the used material, you can set up the extruders efficiently and stay within the given tolerance borders as well with certainty. This way, the cable measuring devices of the VisioCablePro® series optimize the production, improve the quality of products and minimize costs substantially.


Would you like to find out how long until the purchase of the VCPX5 pays itself off?

We can offer you the option of using our ROI calculator to determine the amortization period and ROI for purchasing our cable measuring device VCPX5. You can also use this calculator prior to planned investments.

To use the ROI calculator (Excel), please do not open the document directly in the browser, however download it completely and save it locally on your device!

Measuring cable samples with an outer diameter up to 1.34"

Measuring cable samples with an outer diameter up to 5.11"

Measuring cable & hose samples with an outer diameter up to 3.74"

Measurement of wire guides & extrusion nozzles

Measuring of large wire guides and dies

For measuring the twist length of sheathed cables

Calibrating geometrical measuring devices

Cable measurement devices from VisioCablePro®

iiM cable measurement engineering has especially been developed to carry out geometrical measurements, which specifically fulfill cable producers requirements to measure the geometrical features of insulating skins and cable sheaths. The complete package consists of one of the devices from the VisioCablePro® series VCPLab, VCPX5, AlphaOne and VCPEx as well as the measuring software VELOX and the CAQ-System ProCable 3. The optical cable measuring devices of the VisioCablePro® series create high resolution colour video images of cable samples with a diameter up to 130 mm (5.11 Inch). The software VELOX additionally helps you to evaluate these images and by using the CAQ-system ProCable 3 you can archive the obtained results and manage your orders.

With our calibration scales and optional accompanying certificates up to the highest German standard DakkS and further reference to ILAC, you can easily check and calibrate your measuring devices with complete traceability.

Further measuring devices for testing cables are available for both the laboratory as well as for the production process. With our Twist Length Detector, it is initially possible to automatically measure the twist/ lay/ pitch length of a cable without cutting open the insulation for a visual measurement and thus manipulating the sample.