Overview - Devices for sample preparation by VisioCablePro®

Our devices for the cable sample preparation and the following inspection meet the highest quality requirements.

With the ORC VC65, ORC 80 and ORC 150 it is possible to cut thin, even and parallel samples with a smooth surface. The ORC Micro is optimal for cutting very small samples. Furthermore, we offer various other preparation devices for material testing in laboratories, e.g. the Splitting Cutter for standardised slices to further process and use in the Hot Set Test or Tensile Test.

For separating cable jackets / -insulations from the electrical conductor

Punch to remove solid electrical conductors

Cutting device for large cable samples up to 5.91"

Device for sample preparation of hard materials up to 3.94"

Device for sample preparation up to 2.56"

Sample cutting device for very small samples up to 0.14“

Easy positioning of small samples

Cable sample preparation for heat elongation and tensile tests

Cable sample preparation of hard materials for heat elongation and tensile tests

For punching dumb-bell test specimen for further tests e.g. Hot Set Test

Sample preparation of flat cables up to max. 2.95"

Practical toolsfor cable sample preparation