Art.-No.: 401.0007.07
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Technical Data
Size (W x L x H)400 x 460 x 630 mm
15.75 x 18.11 x 24.80 Inch
Weight15 kg
33.1 lbs
Supply Voltage100 - 240 V
50 - 60 Hz
Input Powermax. 100 Watts
Resolutioncorresponds to 0.1% of the image field
Lightinghomogeneous lighting by LUMIMAX®
Camera*one measurement area,
Measuring rangeup to 35 mm (1.37“) hole diameter

Stand-alone system for high-precision and fast measurement large wire guides and extrusion nozzles

Ensure your product quality right from the beginning - even before the production process.

Possible measurement results

Maximum, minimum and average inner diameter(In this way, deformations or wear and tear of the tools can be detected - in order to avoid undefined over extrusion or undercutting of the wall thickness.)

Device details

  • Measuring device for large extrusion tools up to 35 mm (1.37“) hole diameter
  • Automated measurement process
  • Focus indicator allows you to easily adjust the focus
  • Homogeneous transmitted light illumination - made by iiM AG -for the ideal presentation of the area to measured
  • The influence of the user is reduced to a minimum
  • Robust, ergonomic design
  • Ideal addition to the 2-camera system VCPEx+

Area of application & benefits:

  • Replaces inaccurate measurement methods (calipers, tactile measurements, etc.)with an automated measurement method
  • The VCPEx+ Stand is a camera-based system for measuring large wire guides and dies
  • Specially designed for use in production, the tool handout and the laboratory
  • Reliable, fast and accurate quality control
  • Traceability of results for convenient presentation of the life cycle of your tools
  • Time and cost savings for your measurement