Art.-No.: 402.0005.04
Produktbild 3
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Technical details:
Size (W x L x H)430 x 800 x 430 mm
16.9 x 31.5 x 16.9 Inch
Weight54 kg
119 lbs
MaterialAluminium, Stainless steel, PVC
Ø - Sample15 - 100 mm
0.6 - 3.9 Inch
Stripping lenghtdepending on material
approx 10mm - max. 250mm

For separating cable jackets / -insulations from the electrical conductor

Device details

  • Easy separation of cable jackets from the electrical conductor
  • Suitable for samples with a high strip force
  • Also designed for larger sample outer diameters (depending on wall thickness)
  • Suitable preparation before cutting cable samples for measuring (e.g. with the ORC-series)
  • Robust, stable construction
  • Easy to use


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