Art.-No.: 402.0008.01
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Technical details:
Size (W x L x H)156 x 292 x 475 mm
6.14 x 11.5 x 18.7 Inch
Weight10.75 kg
23.70 lbs
MaterialAluminium, Steel
cutting surface, PVC
Punching toolStainless steel blade with
automatic sample ejection
Stamping force8 kN
Sample preparation according to standardsIEC 60811-501, -507

For punching dumb-bell test specimen for further tests (e.g. Hot Set Test)

Device details

  • Sample preparation according to IEC 60811-501, -507
  • Available with either 100mm (3.93“), 75 mm (2.95“) or 50 mm (2.97“) dumb-bell tool
  • For inspecting cable sheaths in laboratories
  • As a preparation for further tests
  • Applicable for all cable types
  • Cutting surface also available individually


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