Splitting Cutter

Art.-No.: 402.0006.01
Produktbild 4
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Technical details:
Size (W x L x H)300 x 460 x 300 mm
11.81 x 18.11 x 11.81 Inch
Weight18.5 kg
33.1 lbs
MaterialSteel housing,
hardened steel spindle,
Sample preparation according to standardsIEC 60811-501, -507
BladeStainless steel blade
Product No.: 404.0004.02
Setting the cut thicknessIEC 60811 -501, -507

Cable sample preparation for heat elongation and tensile tests conforming to standards

Especially designed for soft materials. Hard materials, e.g. PE, XLPE, HDPE, or hard rubbers partially possible depending on the sample characteristics. To eliminate any doubts, please send samples to iiM AG for evaluation.

Device details

  • Device is according to the standard IEC 60811 -501, -507 (heat elongation test, tensile test)
  • The samples are taken from the inner side of the sheath and isolator
  • All grooves and/or conductive layers are removed
  • Developed to slice samples according to IEC 60811 with a thickness between 0.8 and 2.0 mm (0.04” – 0.08”)


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